7:00 pm19:00

(DATE TBC) Dan Hillier: Artist Talk

Dan Hillier has been working as a full-time artist since 2006 and has exhibited in various established galleries including the Saatchi Gallery and the ICA in London, and numerous galleries and solo/group shows in London, Paris, New York and Turin.

VERY LIMITED SPACES - (Date TBC) RSVP to amber@studio7shoreditch.com

Aug 6

Cartooning the Landscape: The Alchemy of Creativity

Join us for the private view of Cartooning the Landscape: The Alchemy of Creativity by Chip Sullivan on Thursday 2rd August @ 7pm (Very limited spaces - RSVP to amber@acrylicize.com). Chip will give a 30 minute lecture & reading, followed by a book signing. 

Chip Sullivan is an artist and professor of landscape architecture at the College of Environmental Design, UC Berkeley. Chip received the 2016 Jot D. Carpenter Teaching Medal from the American Society of Landscape Architects which recognised significant excellence in landscape architecture education. His latest book, Cartooning the Landscape, concerns the metaphysics of drawing and learning how to ‘see.’ The Foundation for Landscape Studies selected Cartooning the Landscape for the 2017 John Brinckerhoff Jackson prize for accomplishment in the field of garden history and landscape studies.

Exhibition opening hours (no RSVP needed)Friday 4th August, 10am-5:30pm / Saturday 5th August, 11am-5pm / Sunday 6th August, 12pm-5pm

7:00 pm19:00

Everything Has Been Done Before: Art by Acrylicize Collective

Studio 7 Shoreditch is an extension of the acrylicize collective's neighbouring studios; an award winning collective of artists, designers and craftsmen, disrupting both the traditional art world model and accepted notions of branding. By playing in the space between Art and Design we tell the unique stories of our global clients, creating bespoke artworks that champion our concept of ‘Art as Identity’.

A team made up of 25 individual members, all with a background in the arts, will be creating their own works around the concept 'Everything Has Been Done Before' and exhibiting in this one-night special, accompanied by live music and drinks.

The concept is inspired by a conversation the artist's often have in the studio addressing the purity of an idea against the backdrop of unlimited information - having a thought then finding something similar already exists out there. 

Does this make the idea less relevant? Should that prevent someone from doing that idea?How many great ideas have not got off the ground because of this? Is the fact that people make similar work actually a movement? Would it have been different before the internet age? If so, has the internet fucked everything up`/ What is the cultural significance of all of this?

acrylicize think these are important questions that are very relevant to their practice, industry and the culture as a whole.

7:30 pm19:30

ROOT DOWN: Live Hip Hop / Open Mic / Artwork by Shesh


Calling all MC’s and spoken word poets; this is your chance to pick up the mic
and lay down your bars over live Hip Hop breaks. This is Root down. 

Join James Burke (aka Shesh), acrylicize founder / creative director,
artist and drummer for an intimate night of live music with a full open mic policy -
it’s first come first serve so come step up and show us your skills. 

The evening will also feature new Shesh artworks. 

Hosted by spoken word artist Poet Curious

Line Up:

Turntables: Kojak / Vocals: Ella Jean / Bass: Jonny Krantz / Keys: Rob Major / Drums: James Burke
Special DJ set: Missy Marks

Very limited spaces - RSVP to amber@studio7shoreditch.com

10:00 pm22:00

Intensive Blackboard Art & Lettering Workshop

This one-day intensive workshop will provide you with an introduction to the skills you need to start creating blackboards that look great and, more importantly, sell clients’ goods. Led by Australia’s Cheryl McLean, you’ll be guided through the entire process from preparing a board to making it do its job, taking a practical and fun approach throughout. You’ll be working with a range of materials, by primarily paint pens, to create effective layouts in a variety of lettering styles.

The workshop is suitable for all levels and will be hands-on throughout, with all equipment provided. You’ll be able to take your work away with you, including a finished blackboard, so bring along any projects you’re working on, whether commercial or self-initiated.

The workshop fee is £180 which includes all equipment, lunch, refreshments and VAT at 20%.

“The workshop was amazing, Cheryl did a great job at helping each and everyone present, answering all of our questions, making sure that we all had the chance to develop our skills. It didn’t matter if you were a beginner or not, we all had something new to learn. Definitely recommend it.” – Liana

Acrylicize is running the workshop in partnership with Better Letters.


10:00 am10:00

Mike Meyer Intensive Hand Lettering Workshop

Join us for the Mike Meyer Hand Lettering Workshop; an intensive day of paint, brushes, lettering and laughs. You will hone your Gothic (Block), Casual and Script letter forms through a hands-on process of practice, personal critique and expert guidance from Sign Painters‘ very own Mike Meyer. It all starts with a pencil, drawing and developing an understanding of the basic letter forms. These then form the basis for building your brush skills.

The workshop is suitable for complete beginners and those wanting to improve and refine their existing skills. All equipment is included, although be prepared for paint to get on you and your clothes.

"It was great working with Mike, making friends, working in a completely free creative zone, sharing and learning with other artists."

Acrylicize is running the workshop in partnership with Better Letters.


7:00 pm19:00

Rich Simmons: Artist Talk & Exhibition

Join us to hear renowned street artist Rich Simmons tell his story and show some of his brand new work in the lead up to his exhibition at Box Galleries on 21st June.

RSVP to amber@acrylicize.com - very limited spaces

7:00 pm19:00

Frieze Acadmey: Making it Happen - Introduction to Curating #4

Sarah McCrory, Matthew Brown, Eva Kellenberger and Zoe McLeod explore how PR, design and project management are vital elements of curating

In this new series of four sessions organised by Sarah McCrory, respected professionals discuss differing aspects of the wide-ranging practice of curating.

Making it Happen is the fourth and final session and will explore how PR, design and project management are vital elements of curating. Matthew BrownEva Kellenberger and Zoe McLeod will discuss their work and how they allow artists, curators and organisations to perform at their best. They will also offer practical advice.

This series is a must-attend for anyone interested in pursuing a career as a curator or studying this field.

Limited tickets HERE